Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aurora is half baked!

So we had our 20 week ultrasound today & Aurora looked perfect! Heart was beating, she was the perfect size, had 10 toes & fingers and everything was where it should be. No cleft pallet either!

Unfortunately, the septum I have in my uterus is in the way of her placenta, which has been my biggest fear since day 1, and while the doctor told me not to worry, it could cause some growth issues the bigger she gets. Bella's placenta never touched the septum so we never had to worry. At 16 weeks, the placenta was still far away from it, but in the last 4 weeks it grew and attached to the septum. Basically, the part that is attached won't get the right amount of blood flow & oxygen as the part attached to the uterine wall directly. I am trying to remind myself the doctor said not to worry, but pregnancy seems to bring out anxiety in me that I never knew I had & so, of course, I am worrying.

This last picture is a comparison of Bella to Aurora. They are very similar looking!! I am so shocked! Aurora's cheeks look a little chubbier and while Bella's nose was cut off in the picture, I think their noses are a bit different. Otherwise, they could be twins!

Thoughts & prayers that Aurora keeps growing & stays happy & healthy inside for the next 19 weeks or so!