Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video of Bella shaking her rattle!

So I guess it is more of me helping her shake it and then her hitting herself in the head with it...ha!

Some more pics!

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Long Time No Write!

So work has blocked the website that I update the blog with, which means I can only do it when the blocker is down, which it is right now! So really fast, before it reengages, ha!


Bella rolls over! She hates tummy time, all of the sudden, and gets so angry that she throws her head back and her body goes with her. It is adorable, minus her attitude!

Bella is in 3-6 month clothes, for the most part. She still fits into 3 month attire, but is definitley getting huge!

Her favorite toy is a banana that hangs from her floor mat!

She is so gorgeous, it is not even funny!! Sometimes I catch myself wanting to cry just looking at how amazingly beautiful and wonderful she is.

She sleeps through the night every night now (knock on wood). She will start fussing around 5am, I go in and shove her pacifier back in her mouth and she is out til almost 8. That is 11-12 hours of sleep for her! No more night feedings, either!

Bella is 13 weeks old today (13 wednesdays ago she was born) and will be 3 calendar months old tomorrow! Time does fly!

Doing her hated tummy time!

Playing on her mat!